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ROADIE FREE RADIO takes you behind the scenes of the music industry interviewing pioneers in sound engineering, guitar techs, front of house innovators and entrepreneurs in music tech.  For this particular project we shoot live interviews, cover behind the scenes of events, concerts and lectures all packaged up to create a community of listeners dedicated to the roadies that make music happen. 


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Website, Graphics, Video, Photo.

Atticus Thatcher is an upcoming Pop music artist from Spartanburg, South Carolina. We take it "day by day" covering the behind the scenes from writing to recording. The latest project covered his first single  "Make a Move"  as a music video that takes place in Venice, CA.



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Belle of the Fall is a Indie, Folk, Americana Duo based in Northfield, CT.  One of the players is the owner of his own recording studio "On Deck Sound " where we film and photograph most of their music and campaign videos . I've also jumped onto their "Earthbound Tour" covering on the road media.